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Help us run the scholarship program.

As a coach, you know how impactful Let Me Run can be on boys’ lives. That is why we want to give as many boys as possible the opportunity to join. With scholarships, we can remove the cost barrier and help prepare more boys for the long run.

If you know any families or boys that would thrive with Let Me Run, but need financial assistance to join, please let them know they can apply for a scholarship through online registration. If internet access is unavailable, you can provide a printed Scholarship Application as an alternative. Please contact your regional director for the Scholarship Application Form.

We award as many scholarships as we can, but our resources are limited. Donations completely fund our scholarships. So we also encourage you to spread the word about Let Me Run to your PTA, local businesses, civic groups, and faith communities to raise money for scholarships. We appreciate any and all help, and those interested can make their tax-deductible donation at

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