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Start a Let Me Run team.

To start a team, you will need a site contact, head coach, and assistant coach.

To start a team, you will need a site contact, head coach, and assistant coach. The site contact can be a coach. Then decide if you will have a standalone 3rd grade team, a 4th-5th elementary team, or a 6th-8th middle school team (or one or more of each). 6th graders can be a flex grade that participate in either the elementary or middle school curricula. Discuss this with your Regional Director. Also remember, your team will meet twice a week for seven weeks, and the season will end with a celebratory 5k.

Thanks for your interest in starting a team! Just follow these easy steps, and your team will be up and running in no time.


Register for Coach Training

Let Me Run requires two coaches per team, and we recommend that both coaches attend training, but only one trained coach is required. Our training certification lasts two years. Find a nearby training here.

Complete a Site Application

Anyone affiliated with your school or site can complete a Site Application, and you only need to do this once. The Let Me Run program can run at schools, as well as some community sites. Each site must provide a safe outdoor place for running — a track isn’t required; a field or parking lot will work — as well as a “rainy day” indoor site (classroom, gym, etc.). Complete a Site Application here.

Complete a Principal Acknowledgement Form

This form makes your principal aware of the program and inquires about necessary background check and CPR policy compliance. You only need to complete the Principal Acknowledgement once, unless you get a new principal. Complete the form here.

Register as a Let Me Run Coach

Once your site application is approved and acknowledged by your principal, you will be able to select your site/school during the coach registration process. Each season, you will need to register as a coach here.

Interested in Starting a Team?

After 5 seasons of coaching, I’m still amazed at the number of parents who tell me how much their boy looks forward to every practice, often more so than other sports they play. Read More

Adam Sellner

Coach at Cotswold Elementary

Let Me Run has limited funding.

If your school needs funding please read more on how to assist your site in finding funding.

Learn More

Seek funding from:

  • Your PTA
  • Your site's faith partner
  • Running clubs
  • Men's groups
  • Local grants
  • Women's groups
  • Community Use in Schools
  • Local corporate sponsors
  • Bake sales, car washes, etc.